Choosing by Use

The variety of Japanese knives is truly vast. These unique knives play a crucial role in various dishes, including sashimi, which can be considered a complete dish with just the simple act of slicing fresh fish.


There are versatile kitchen knives suitable for cutting a wide range of ingredients, such as meat, fish, and vegetables.
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Many knives for cutting meat combine Western-style shapes with Japanese forging and polishing techniques.
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Japanese knives for fish are characterized by an unparalleled abundance of types not seen anywhere else in the world.
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For vegetables, there are numerous types of knives suitable for specific ingredients and cooking methods.
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In Japan, there are also many specialized knives designed for specific cutting tasks and purposes.
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All Purpose

An all-purpose knife is a versatile tool suitable for cutting meat, vegetables, and fish, making it the perfect first knife for any household.

Santoku Knives

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Petty / Paring Knives

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The custom of cutting meat at home became widespread following the Meiji era, along with the introduction of Western culture. As a result, many knives incorporate Japanese forging and polishing techniques with Western shapes.

Gyuto Knives (Chef's Knives)

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Sujihiki Knives (Muscle Knives)

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The uniqueness of Japanese fish knives is evident in the fact that there is a type of knife for every variety of fish, making it a truly diverse collection.

Sashimi Knives

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Deba Knives (Fish Knives)

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In Japanese cuisine, there are various types of knives designed to match the many different ingredients and cooking methods for vegetables.

Nakiri Knives

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Usuba Knives (Single-edged Blade)

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The distinguishing features of Japanese knives are undoubtedly their variety and sharpness. There are numerous specialized knives designed for specific cutting purposes and tasks.

Bunka / Kiritsuke Knives

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Funayuki Knives

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