Choosing by Steel Type

Steel with a carbon content of approximately 0.7% to 1.5% is a type of tool steel that is soft and does not harden even when heat-treated. Because it is prone to rust, careful maintenance is necessary. Stainless steel is an alloy steel with more than 12% chromium added to the steel, making it resistant to rust and having excellent wear resistance.

Carbon Steel

Although steel has the disadvantage of being prone to rust, it is a popular material for knives, such as Yanagiba knives.
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Stainless Steel

Many knives are made of stainless steel because it is less likely to rust.
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What is Carbon Steel?

Recommended for those seeking sharpness. Although it rusts and requires more maintenance compared to stainless steel, sharpening the blade with a whetstone and making it sharp allows the original taste of the ingredients to be easily conveyed.

High-grade White Steel

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White Steel No. 2

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Blue Steel No. 2

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Aogami Super

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What is Stainless Steel?

The most common material for household knives. It has a sharp edge and is resistant to rust, making it recommended for those seeking both sharpness and ease of handling, as well as for cooking beginners.


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Silver Steel No. 3

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