Tosa Knives

Introducing the Blades of Tosa

Tosa, a city in Japan's Kochi Prefecture, is renowned for producing traditional blades dating back 400 years. Tosa blades, like Japanese swords, use high-quality steel, offering sharpness, durability, and flexibility. These handmade blades combine swordsmith and blacksmith techniques.

Tosa Free Forging allows the production of blades with custom dimensions and shapes. Craftsmen handle forging, sharpening, and finishing, ensuring versatility. The absence of a fixed model demands exceptional skills from blacksmiths and sharpeners.

Long relied upon by Japan's most celebrated chefs, these blades have gained worldwide recognition among discerning culinary professionals.

Single and Double-Edged Knives

About Tosa Black Forged Knives

Differences in Steel Materials